HOME-SKOOL MAMA™ CO., was created by a home school mom of 3, who was determined to find a way to enhance and improve the academic skills of her children at home. The first subject she tackled was Math. She found her son needing more support when he entered 2nd grade. He needed a more thorough explanation and more time on certain math concepts. In order to improve her son's scores on homework, quizzes, tests and assessments, her solution was homemade math worksheets! Once her son consistently completed these worksheets successfully every day, week after week, his scores started to go up! At the end of her son's third grade year, the idea finally hit her upside the head: create a workbook that other families can benefit from. Thus, the journey began to cultivate and craft a supplemental curriculum of multi-subject workbooks and flashcards for young learners.

Next up was reading and language arts. Whenever she would read stories to her babies, our founder used tapping and rhythmic reading techniques that were very animated. So, when her daughter was around 4, those fun techniques she had been accustomed to her whole little life, actually helped her to be able to easily sound out multi-syllable words. She was able to read a whole book with complete sentences from memory. Our founder then began developing the Teach Them How To Read program, which now includes both workbooks and flashcards.  

HOME-SKOOL MAMA CO. is a passion project that ignited from the wild idea that other families would benefit from our founder's homegrown approach and homemade academic enhancement and supplementary tools. The workbooks and flashcards we create are innovative, fun, interactive, attention-grabbing, and challenging, solving the issue of boredom and unappealing content. 

Coming from the stock of highly intelligent, Black parents growing up in the 1950s and 1960s, who both pursued higher education at laudable institutions on full academic scholarships, our founder's own achievements as a wife, mother, Journalist, Professional Dance Teacher/Performer/Choreographer, Certified Holistic Health practitioner and Nationally Certified Massage Therapist, along with a myriad of real world experiences and creative skills, qualified and prepared her to produce highly innovative and unique educational content for families of young learners. 

 HOME-SKOOL MAMA CO. premiered its first line of educational workbooks - the HOME-SKOOL MAMA Math Drillz series in Spring of 2023; along with its Teach Them How To Read a'la carte Flashcard series in Summer 2023, but it is just getting started. The socially responsible company has a slew of curriculum projects that it plans to have in a full catalogue of academic supplements in the near future. Home-Skool Mama Co. is for all young learners, but it's mission is to promote and elevate the academic progress of underrepresented, underserved, underprivileged and disadvantaged young learners, who are far too often left behind, delayed, ignored or forgotten about.

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